About Us

10 years ago at the age of 18 when I began my administrative career, I held many positions as an Executive Assistant to the city, state, and some healthcare facilities. Working in those career fields helped me understand that being in charge of an office of people whom all needed different things required me to have a sense of order and organization within my own life.


Filing documents, creating room for desks, moving filing cabinets, and bookcases were one of the many tasks that I completed every day. It wasn’t until one day sitting at the desk of a dead-end job between careers did the idea of me sorting and organizing documents that I thought “What if I brought what I learned in the workplace to people’s homes?”

I found that ‘’Sorting” is therapeutic for me as it was my favorite past time while working as an Administrative Assistant. It provided the calmness and quiet I needed in a disordered environment, putting items in their correct place for future use, like items paired with like items and etc. This provided a feeling of accomplishment and completeness that I enjoy and know that other individuals want to feel those same things but never have the time to.


Thus Hoardhers began, as years went by and I grew more with the idea my “clients” had only been family and close friends. Although I call it organizing, it feels nothing short of being second nature. I help a range of individuals who work, stay at home, have children, participate in hobbies, or simply don’t know where to begin in making their personal or professional space functional. I am aware that no single approach is right for every person. Within HoardHERS we create a system tailored to deliver the specific needs of each client and what they want to experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will happen during an organizing session?

A session with an Organizer means I will act as a guide to work alongside you from beginning to end. First we consult, see the area ourselves and from then create an action plan to help achieve clients’ goal in mind. We’ll discuss what you do and don’t like, ideas and what you are looking to get out of an organizing session then we begin our version of “Hoarding”!

How many hours will it take to organize?

Organizing sessions depend on size of room and current state. Typically in 3 hours we can complete a small space such as a closet, pantry, or laundry room. Larger or more complex areas like home offices, kitchens, garages, basements and/or any cluttered spaces will take longer. Some clients may need to create an action plan to get them started or need my assistance from start to finish, every clients’ needs are different.

Should I feel embarrassed about the areas I need organized?

Never feel bad, I want to see the full extent of any disorder in your home. Organizers are not to judge because we’re here for you, without your areas being cluttered I wouldn’t have work to do! Organizing is a trial and error process, as long as the client is willing to become organized they are on the right track. To retain the trust of my clients I practice determination, honesty and a passion to coordinate.